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  1. Why do people mock me for being half transexual?
    Well… I came out of the closet as gay (to most people, I still hide it from some) recently. And I have also discovered a few months ago that I believe my persona changes from male to female. I was born in a woman’s body, and I feel that way some days. Other days, I feel masculine and like I’m a man. I bind my breasts and dress in boyish clothing when this happens, goof around in a more perverted way, and lose my fear of men in general. Either gendered persona, I’m still gay.

    I identify as a homosexual half-transexual person.
    People (both cisgendered and transgendered) people make fun of me, saying there’s no way I can be half-trans. The only person to accept me is my best friend, I’ve been in love with xir for years.

    Anyway… Am I wrong? Is there no such thing as being half-trans?
    Kathryn– thank you so very much! I didn’t know there was a word for it. I feel a lot more comfortable now.
    Thank you guys :)
    I didn’t know there was a term for it.
    I can’t believe there are other people like me! I’m so happy!

  2. Whats the difference between a crossdresser and a shemale?
    Whats the difference between a crossdresser and a shemale?

  3. What happens that a person becomes a shemale?
    Please give me a scientific reason.
    Thanks beforehand.

    • A lot of times it is a genetic defect. One such defect is called ‘chimera’. Very interesting reading. These people are called medically hermaphrodites, but more politically correctly intersexed. They have both male and female sex organs (that does NOT mean they have a penis and a vagina. Often their outter genetalia are ambiguous. They may have testicals and ovaries, or a penis and a uterus.. it could actually be any combo. And most often they are infertile.

      Most ‘shemales’ Are male to female pre-op transgendered. Most cases they are taking hormones and the breasts are implants.

  4. Is it legal for me to go topless?
    I am a guy. Recently, I’ve had breasts implanted into my chest (my ambition is to become a shemale pornstar).

    Can I still go to a beach topless, or should I wear a bikini top with my shorts?

  5. Why do Trannies have limp penises and what is the official name of this?
    Yea so why do transexuals have limp penises?

    and what is the name of crossdressers or transvestites who get breast implants but dont take pills or whatever it is that make there penises deformed, is it called a shemale, intergender, etc. etc.?

    • A pre op male to female transsexual’s penis and testicle’s, will shrink and be “limb” due to the anti androgen’s and estrogen she is taking.

      A crossdresser and a transvestite is the same thing, crossdresser is the term that is now preferred.

      A Shemale which is a insulting term to Transsexuals is a person, who has surgically altered their bodies to perform in the porn industry, or to work as prostitutes.

      Also please do not use the term “tranny” it is insulting to transsexuals, a “tranny” is part of a car that makes it go forwards and backwards.

      Woman Born Transsexual Not Transgendered (post op)

  6. For the guys Would you Date a Male To Female Transsexual, 10 points for honesty?
    would if the tranny looks real good like a female and they wanted to date you, would you go for it knowing its a man that looks like a female.

  7. How to improve my cleavage and breasts?
    How can I make my cleavage stand out more? I am a crossdresser, I know I can tape, use push-ups, etc. I am not sure if implants are the right answer.

    Also how can I increase the size of my breasts without implants or expensive breast forms? Some say birdseed and hose, or water balloons.

  8. what is the real definition of a shemale?
    well I seen a picture of a person that had breast like a woman, but also had a very large penis.

    • Please do not use the term shemale. The term is a creation of the porn industry. The porn actors who are referred to as shemales are usually gay males who have some feminizing surgery, usually breast implants. They do not take hormones because those would rapidly make it almost impossible for them to get an erection. A few months later, the hormones would cause the genitals to shrink.

      In short, you are getting excited by a gay actor.

  9. Im a bisexual guy and i want to become a shemale, but only part time, is this posible?
    I want to have breast implants added, but i dont want to have them around during work and around my family and freinds, i want them purely for sex and nothing else. Is this posible? Some kind of inflateable implants or somthing?

    • A transwoman is a transsexual person who’s brain is female but was born male bodied.

      A transman is a transsexual person who’s brain is male but was born female bodied.

      A shemale is a term created by the porn industry for a porn actor who is usually a partially feminized (i.e. breast implants) gay male. Please do not use this term. Many transsexuals consider the term extremely offensive.

      Being transsexual is about the neurological birth condition which a person has. This is regardless of their current status, pre-op, post-op, not yet transitioned.

  10. Can a man have Breast without hormones just surgery making him a shemale?
    Can a man have a penis boobs femm figure and face all without taking hormones just surgery

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