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  1. How to get rid of man boobs and puffy nipples?
    How to get rid of man boobs and puffy nipples
    there are lumps underneath nipples
    Please help me this is very embarrasing
    I’m 15 and I only noticed about 3-4 months ago
    I don’t know how it developed I’m about 65kg :/
    Not sure if it’s natural or not

    • Hi mike. You described gynekomasthia or polymastia/supernumerary breasts??
      All those things you have to consult with GP and then probably with plastic surgeon.

  2. How do I get rid of puffy nipples?
    I have puffy nipples and my boyfriend is going to be seeing my breasts for the first time tomorrow. I am sooooo scared that he wont like them. I am very self concious of my breasts and if any of you know of anything that will help this, please let me know. Thank you!

    • i think you could take a towel and pour hot water on it, then press it against your nipples.

      if your having sex tomorrow make sure you use protection.

      oh and i dont think you have anything to worry about, all men love all breasts.
      good luck:)

  3. what is the best exercise to loose man boobs?
    i am 140 lbs. and 5′ 4” and i have like 1 inch man boobs and like puffy nipples it is really embarasing and i would like to know what is the most effective exercise to loose this please help!

    • When we want to get rid of body fat, there is no way to specifically burn fat from one part of the body. Doing situps won’t burn the fat that is covering your abs and doing tricep extensions won’t get rid of the fat that is covering your triceps. The only thing you can do is lose weight all around and eventually the problem area will also improve. The way to burn fat is through a calorie restricted diet in conjunction with an exercise routine that will burn calories. Activities that burn calories include running, biking, swimming and other high intensity activities.

      Guide to Reducing Body Fat – http://straighthealth.com/pages/guides/reducebodyfat.html

  4. How do i get rid of puffy nipples?
    I’m a 15 year old guy and I am 6’1″ and about 230 lbs. Which is way more than I would like to weigh. But anyways… my nipples are really puffy, tender, and portruded… its embarrassing because they stick out so much in my shirts. I’ve seen questions about this before but I want answers on how I can actually get rid of this… or at least cover it up.

    • umm…go workout, lose weight and loose the puffy nipples too! you can wear a tight tank top, it might flatten them out a bit. or you can do pushups since those work your chest muscles.

      they also sell man-bras at some stores. Ive only heard of them but im pretty sure they exsist.

  5. If there’s one main thing I dislike about my body, it’s my moobs. Any way of reducing or getting rid of them?
    I just recently read up on the internet that you can’t lose moobs (man boobs) very easily. Even if you lift weights, do push-ups, or just jog, it will be hard to make them change at all. What is a good diet for specifically getting rid of moobs? I heard that there are some “healthy” foods that target the chest. I am a 16 year old male, and my dad has the similar problem, except he’s quite buff. Will mine go away in a few years? And, what are some good excercises I should do and foods I should eat to lose these absolutely embarrassing moobs? It’s bad enough I’ll be stuck with puffy nipples my whole life. ( Which aren’t that bad, but apparently, most women are very turned off by them. )

    Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

  6. How can i lose my man boobs?
    Ok I’m 5’11” 179 lbs. My arms and legs are toned but my belly is all fat and I have mild man boobs. In my case I think I can get rid of them. Does masterbation have anything to do with puffy nipples?

  7. Please help how can I loose man boobs and puffy nipples?
    Hi im a 15 year old boy and I have slight man boobs and puffy nipples its so embarrissing people stare at me and I cant even look good cause I cover them with baggy clothes please help how do I get rid of them.

  8. My best mate has puffy nipples, how do you get rid of them?
    My best mate elle recently told me she’s never lost her virginity because she was embarrased about having puffy nipples.
    Apparently men get it alot, but what about women?
    we’re both 16 and i want to know what to say to her.
    how do you get rid of them basically?

    • Tell her to leave them alone. Puffy nipples are a real turn-on for a lot of men, myself included. Why would she worry about that anyhow? A young man has not seen a lot of breast to be able to judge the difference. But believe me he will enjoy seeing and tasting your puffy nipples.

  9. How do i get thin? Ive got man boobs and puffy nipples, how do i get rid of them?
    Im 160cm and 61kg. Im kinda fat well chubby but people say im just chubby. My waist is 35inches and i have man-boobs and puffy nipples. How do i get thinner and get rid of my puffy nipples and manboobs? im 16 yrs old by the way.

    • I have started this Diet (lifestyle change) in the middle of November at 140lbs, and now at 117lbs

      A DIET IS WHAT YOU EAT….there for we are all on a diet….

      You got the change the way you think and feel about food

      TRY THIS, and stick to it.

      The first 3-4 weeks are the hardest until your body adjusts to the change.
      Results will be in about the same time

      Fruits and Veggies

      Eat more plants and keep away from stuff that was made in plants.

      Don’t eat anything that comes in a can, box or package….
      If man made it, don’t eat it

      NO white BREAD or SUGAR

      NO PIZZA, I am in the pizza business, and it is not good for you, very high in FAT and Calories


      Stay away from FAST FOOD


      Walk your dog, or walk a friends dog

      Don’t think of it as a diet, but think of it as a lifestyle change

      I have lost 20.5 pounds in 2 months, drink lots of water. I usually eat a meal of what ever I want once a week….controlled portion….this really works………

      Write down every thing you eat

      take a multivitamin at night

  10. How can you reduce appearance of puffy nipples?
    I am a 16 year old MALE, almost 17, and have had puffy nipples for about 5 years or so. I went to the doctor not very long ago and she didn’t act like it was a big deal. Well, it is to me and i haven’t taken off my shirt since i can remember. Is there any way to get rid of them or is surgery the only route? My doctor said that its not a big enough deal to get surgery on them pretty much. Suggestions?

  11. What are some good chest exercises to get rid of man boobs?
    So, I’m 19 and i have had these puffy manboob nipples since i was like 14. its been really annoying because everytime i have had to take my shirt off, i had to like rub them to make them hard and not puffy. Anyway, so i have been working out a lot more lately, and eating healthier, what are some good ways that i can combat these man boobs?

    • No exercises will get rid of man boobs (in medical terms – gynecomastia)……..it is natural for everyone ,they fade away when we reach 18yrs.but in some cases they dont.a simple surgery is the only reliable solution after crossing 18yr mark.
      *also serum testosterone,lh,fsh ,(sometimes karyotyping also)tests are recommended to find out if there are any abnormalities (genetic abnormalities)

  12. How can i lose my man boobs?
    Ok I’m 5’11” 179 lbs. My arms and legs are toned but my belly is all fat and I have mild man boobs. In my case I think I can get rid of them. Does masterbation have anything to do with puffy nipples?

    • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ think lika a lady act lika boss Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ on said:

      Idk, why I’m reading this… I’m 13

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