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  1. What do breast implants have to do with the patient’s social life?
    I’m a girl who is interested in breast augmentation because I’m a really small-breasted girl. So if I undergo this procedure, will I improve my relationships? I found out that girls who got this procedure done had a history of psychiatric hospitalizations or other sort of problems.

    • I’m willing to bet that those girls probably needed psych help BEFORE the surgeries.

      You will probably improve the number of men from which you can choose your mates, but you will be unlikely to improve the quality of them. Unless of course, you are so shallow as to believe that simply improving the looks and bankrolls of your potential partners is tantamount to an overall improvement.

  2. What is the real reason why girls/women get breast implants??
    As a girl, i would feel uncomfortable with having a larger chest. I don’t want mine to get any bigger. I don’t think i have a large chest but i like to run and i dont like my chest moving about. I also dont feel comfortable wearing tight shirts because it seems like men will be staring. I just wouldnt feel comfortable too. If my chest got bigger, i would feel heavier and fat. In fact, i am considering getting a breast reduction surgery in a few years (if nothing else works from keeping my chest from growing more). I understand that some women or girls get implants to boost their self-esteem but i am not one of those girls. Does anyone else feel the same way i do??????????? Am i alone on this?? I seem to be the only one because many girls want their chests bigger.
    For one thing, i am a B cup.

    • The thing is.. You probably have a decent size.

      Can you imagine being almost totally flat chested.. an AA..

      Can you honestly tell me you wouldn’t want to be bigger?

      I’m only an A, and would love to be a full B. I wouldn’t want big boobs. But just enough so that i could feel feminine… Rather than a stick. I’d love to be able to fill out a bikini..

      But you will never understand because you have them. I bet you have never not felt womanly.

      Fair enough the people who go from a B/C to a D/E is just disgusting… but from someone to go from an AA or A to a B is fine.

  3. When is the best time to get breast implants?
    I’m 19, almost 20. I’ve hated my super small breasts for a couple of years since my senior prom in high school. I’ve had the same breast size since I was 12. Nothing has changed at all…I’ve gone to 3 surgeons and I’m ready to have the surgery. Wdyt if I go under the knife next month? I don’t think im going to grow anymore..just gonna hate my ugly tomboy looking self while I’m at it.

  4. I’ve never been to a Hooters, but do the waitresses get more than the typical 15-18% tip?
    I have no desire to go to one, but I’d bet the guys who do are the type who could easily be suckered out of huge tips.

    • i watched a documentary once about a chick who wanted breast implants.. well she worked at Hooters and guess what? after she got her breasts done she got way awesome tips. so yes, places like that do get better tips.

      there was even a hair salon that targeted men as the clientele, they had TV’s, no chemicals from perms or nails and the only employees were women dressed skimpy. they advertised that stuff specifically. i am sure their tips were good but i live in a very conservative place where the majority are gun toting, bible thumping, rednecks. the business didn’t last long. we just got a Hooters too and i can guarantee the business won’t last long. my town has practically rioted over the almost opening of a stripper bar. i kinda like where i live based on the high morals of the general public here.

  5. How to enlarge breast size naturally?
    Does anyone know anything about enlarging your breast size naturally? (not surgically). I am sixteen and very shy about going to the beach because my breasts seem so small in my bikini. Any answers will be greatly appreciated. :)

    • Hi Sweetie,

      If there were any pills or creams that would enlarge your breasts “naturally,” don’t you suppose that all the breast implant surgeons would be out of work? And you shouldn’t be shy about your perfect breasts. I’ll bet they’re exactly the right size for you!

      I do understand your anxiety, but trust me, small boobies are the best. Yeah, there are some guys who are only into big boobs. And most of them are virgins! Any guy who has actually ever been close to a woman knows that boobs are boobs, and most men love them all.

      Now I know you won’t believe me when I tell you you’re lucky to have small breasts! And a lot of men actually prefer women with small breasts.

      I’m a 36 year old woman and I wear a 34A bra, and you know what? My small breasts are possibly my best feature. I wear tops that accentuate how small they are, and I take pride in them. They’re perfectly proportioned to my petite figure, and I wouldn’t change them for the world.

      And you know what else? If I go to a club or a party, I have no trouble attracting guys. It’s a myth that all guys want big boobs. What guys do like is self-confidence. I don’t try to make mine look bigger, I celebrate what I have, and guys like that.

      As an experiment, try wearing a tight top some time, one that screams “I have small breasts, and I’m proud of them.” I think you’ll be surprised by the positive reactions you get.

      Take pride in what you have, project self-confidence, and lots of guys will be after you!

  6. Does your breast if you have implants float to the surface when swimming?
    Me and my friend were debating whether a woman with implants that if she goes swimming for example, her breast will rise to the top or above water. I am not familiar with their buoyancy and so is my friend. Can you clarify what happens if you swim in them (if you have one that is) do they float or sink?

    • Yes. They put helium in them things. If you suck on them, you can make funny voices too.

      Ninjas can do handstands while wiping their butts, also. I bet you can’t do that.

      How does a deaf person know if they are farting loud in public?

      If a person broke both wrists, how do they wipe their butts?

      If a man breaks both wrists, how does he punch the munchkin?

      Don’t swallow bubblegum, or you will fart bubbles.

      I can keep going if you’d like.

  7. i have lump on my right breast and i want it to be remove at the same time i want to have a breats implants?
    is it possible to have a lump removal operation and breats implants at the same time?

    • I’m not a plastics man, but I would think that you’d want your breast to heal from the lumpectomy before you were involved with getting implants or whatever. I’ll bet that your plastics surgeon will want to “work alone” and not in conjunction with your general surgeon.

      John Jones, M.D.

  8. Are modern standards of beauty for women unrealistic and narrow?
    Engulfed by a popular culture saturated with images of idealized, air-brushed and unattainable female physical beauty, women and girls cannot escape feeling judged on the basis of their appearance. As result, many women feel chronically insecure and inadequate.

    Of course, men face their own standards, but no one can argue the standards of beauty for men are drastically lower than the standards of beauty for women.
    @Jade. Then why don’t I see short, pale, small-breasted women in Playboy? =]

  9. How to increase breast?
    I`m 21 now and my breasts are not increasing since high school. How can I get bigger boobs. Anybody help please.

    • Show them to me. It’ll make them grow a full cup. :)

      Just kidding.

      Seriously, putting on weight will probably add some fat tissue to your boobs too, but then you have to worry about the extra fat everywhere else too. You could get pregnant, that makes your boobs get bigger especially when your milk comes in. But if you don’t want to get fat, and don’t want to get pregnant, I think you’re probably out of luck. Breasts are different for everyone, and if yours aren’t as big as you wish they were, don’t worry about it. Be proud and show off what you’ve got. Just DON’T get surgery and fake implants. They are disgusting and most men (like me anyway) don’t like them. They are a symbol of lack of self confidence. Just be confident and use your smallish boobs to your advantage. Women with big saggy boobs WISH they could not have to hear a bra, for example, and I bet you could totally get away with that. Braless girls with perky boobs are one of the great things about summer. :) Go with it. Show them off. Guys will still be into that, we love perky boobs. Nothing wrong with a small rack.


  10. Men – would you marry an intelligent woman with breast implants?
    she’s working on her PhD in chemistry. she’s 23 years old, 5’2 and 95 lbs. she went from a C to DD. she gets a lot of attention from men because her breasts look extra large on her petite frame size

    • i would be a little alarmed. sure she would be fun to play with in a one night stand but you should look at the bigger picture. She got breast implants at a very young age. This is usually indicative of low self esteem, a contorted view of beauty, and a desire for attention. Now ask yourself, if you were going to sleep with a married woman, what traits/characteristics would you look for while “hunting”? I bet the aforementioned qualities would be at the top of the list. As soon as her husband slacks off in giving her attention and compliments she will begin searching for someone to fulfill that need. All you would have to do is shower the woman with attention and compliments, maybe even a beer or two and she will be in the sack with you in no time. classic game.

  11. why do guys like or profer to go out with girls that are skinny and hardly eat and have fake breasts?
    is it cause there easy or attractive than other girls

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